Our Ranchers

Where does our beef come from?

More and more people are demanding to know where their meat comes from and what happens during the field to plate process. Black Creek Ranch work with local ranchers who design their process to minimize stress on the animals throughout their life cycle.

The Petals

The Petal family have been in the hay and cattle ranching business for many generations, with over 10 family members included in their operation. Despite market fluctuation, the family continue to raise 300 cattle and market them through Black Creek Ranch.

Ingram Creek Farm

Ingram Creek Farm is a 450 acre hay and cattle farm situated in the green valley of Westwold. Aboriginal owned and operated, the owners believe in looking at the ways past generations to diversify for the future. “To us, that means raising healthy, natural, stress free cattle and to buy locally”.

60 Ranch

Nestled in the hills near Spence’s Bridge lies the First Nations owned and operated 60 Ranch. In our practises as cattle ranchers we believe in growing our own hay, pasturing on the grasslands and wooded areas provided to us and managing the cattle in a non stressful, humane environment, without artifical hormones or feed additives. We strive to bring the best to market and take pride in our beef because it’s not just an income; it’s a way of life.